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Pay close attention if you live in Lightning Capital

Pay close attention if you live in Lightning Capital. Florida is also known as the Lightning Capital of the US. Every year, about 10 Floridians are fatally struck by lightning, with another 40 injured. 2022 Florida experienced 285 lightning strikes per square mile throughout the year.
Because of this, most homeowner’s insurance policies cover damages caused by lightning strikes on insured homes. It’s typical for Zeus to decide to throw a lightning bolt at your home. No, wait, that sounds too refined. If Thor chooses to send a lightning bolt your way and your house catches fire or your electric appliances get destroyed, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance.
The challenge lies in proving the damages caused by a lightning strike. Insurance companies will demand evidence.
When lightning strikes a home, there are usually breaks “where the lightning entered,” where there should be scorch marks or a hole. It’s advisable to take a photo of the damaged area.
Sometimes, it could be more straightforward because the lightning may have struck nearby and still damaged the entire electrical system of the house and the pipes. If the electrical discharge leaves a visible mark in the garden, on a pole, or a nearby tree, take a photo when it’s safe. Additionally, call a licensed electrician to assess the damage and make repairs.
A lightning strike can cause a fire and damage the home’s electrical and plumbing systems and connected appliances, the roof, shingles, and gutters. All these damages are covered if you have the right insurance.
In addition to good homeowner’s insurance, installing some lightning protection measures is advisable. A typical lightning rod can prevent electrical fires, and you can also install devices to protect against electrical surges. And as my grandmother used to say when it rained heavily and thundered, “Child, unplug the television.”
Pay attention to that; if you want an efficient home insurance policy, call Univista Insurance. Pay close attention if you live in Lightning Capital.

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