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Reasons to buy life insurance

Reasons to buy life insurance. They say that the reasons for buying life insurance are different for each person. However, despite the fact that there are many, the primary reason is the love we feel for our loved ones.
This feeling is made manifest through a contract, whose death benefit is obtained by our relatives. The amount of money obtained must be sufficient to guarantee a comfortable financial situation, after our departure.
Regardless of the type of life insurance we have, be it Term, Permanent or Universal, the essential objective is to provide protection to the beneficiaries of the policy.
The so-called death benefit could replace, for some time, the income that we contribute to our family. It is key when it comes to paying the mortgage on the house, the education of the children, the medical insurance, the daily expenses, or the family debts.
The best thing is that this money is tax-free. Family members will receive exactly the agreed amount, they will not have to pay the IRS anything to obtain it, nor will the person who dies be taxed, as is done with their estate. Reasons to buy life insurance.
If you are interested in having life insurance, call a Univista Insurance specialist and they will help you obtain the one that best suits your needs.

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