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Receding gums: How does it affect me?

Receding gums: How does it affect me? There are people who, when they laugh, give the impression that their teeth are extremely long. This happens when the gums have receded, revealing a part of the tooth that is usually covered by the gum itself. This is a characteristic of a disease called gingival recession.
Gum recession is the result of gingivitis caused by bacterial plaque that inflames the gums and destroys their tissues. One of the causes of this disease is improper brushing of teeth and the harmful habit of smoking, which constricts blood vessels and prevents blood from reaching all parts of the gum.
Receding gums can cause tooth sensitivity. When a part of the root is exposed, the teeth become very sensitive to changes in temperature. Additionally, a tooth in these conditions is susceptible to cavities.
Unfortunately, the lost gum tissue does not grow back. To prevent this condition, it is necessary to brush the mouth properly. It is recommended to avoid using hard bristle brushes, not to smoke, and to clean teeth with dental floss and interdental brushes.
Dental recession can only be reversed by gum graft surgery. To discover this and other oral conditions in time, it is recommended to attend two annual dental check-ups. If you have dental insurance, check-ups and preventive treatments may be covered.
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