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Do you know how to brush your teeth?

“Do you know how to brush your teeth?” The doctor asked me to burn clothes at the door of her office. I looked at him in disbelief and said: “Doctor, with all the respect you deserve, I am not a child. I come here because I have discomfort in a tooth. Of course, I know how to brush my teeth. I am 50 years old, have raised three children, and have excellent dental health. ” I said, without thinking twice. Her question struck me as so offensive that I couldn’t help myself.
“Well come over here and we’ll see that annoyance,” she said without losing her smile.
The first thing she did was take a panoramic X-ray. Afterward, she settled me on the couch and showed me the image of my mouth on a large screen. There were all my teeth, with their fillings, the implant screws, absolutely everything.
I opened my mouth and she said, “You have a small cavity in your discomfort room.” She inserted a small camera and the inside of my mouth, my restless tongue, my teeth, and their cavities were now perfectly visible on the screen. “Uh, I see a lot of tartar buildup here, from faulty brushing.” My face flushed, my pride was on the ground. Indeed, I saw my teeth with imperceptible yellow deposits in the image of my mouth that the bathroom mirror shows.
“Nothing that has no solution, I will do the filling and a deep cleaning to remove all that tartar between the teeth and thus avoid future cavities,” he said to the doctor, undeterred and got down to work.
She was working for more than an hour. Tweezers, pliers, bits, files, everything vibrated and grated inside my mouth. But, when I saw the result of the cleaning, I understood how abandoned my teeth were. Now the little camera showed the true color of my pieces, from behind, from the sides, between them. It was another mouth.
Before finishing, the doctor recommended: “You should brush from top to bottom, from the gum to the teeth or in the round. You can use an electric toothbrush and a water flosser to clean between the molars. You can also use these small brushes that must be passed between the pieces to avoid the appearance of tartar. Otherwise, use dental floss, although it is less effective. And in six months, come back for another cleaning that will be less intense, if you follow the advice I have given you. ”
The next cleaning is included in the insurance. So I won’t have to pay anything to keep my mouth truly healthy.
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