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August is coming, take off your pants and secure your home

Florida is not only surrounded by large bodies of water, it is like a floating jetty. Beneath its soil there is a large network of aquifers that interconnect with its numerous lakes, springs and the Everglades. In addition, the long waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean bathe its long coasts.
A state like this that, to make matters worse, is located in one of the most active hurricane areas in the world, and is hit by numerous floods each year. Here we show you the last four worst Florida.

In the eighth month of 2008, the Imperial River as it passed through Bonita Springs, located in Lee County, overflowed after suffering the rains of a tropical storm. More than 1,700 local residents were forced to leave their homes in canoes and boats to seek refuge in safer places.

That same year, in August, storm Fay, after passing through the Caribbean, hit Everglades City, where it caused a 5-foot-high flood that practically completely submerged this bastion of tourism and fishing.

Another Florida enclave that has been seriously affected by the waters was Palm Beach in October 1999, when Hurricane Irene hit it and caused major flooding. This storm is estimated to have caused more than 600 million in losses and the waters lasted for several weeks on the streets. That same hurricane also flooded vast areas of Miami-Dade and Broward.

The largest flood that is remembered happened in Everglades City, in September 1960. The destructive power of Hurricane Donna took its toll on that Florida town and produced an unprecedented flood. The waters reached 8 feet high. The houses remained underwater for about 10 hours. Many neighbors remember having the water around their waist being on the first floor of some buildings. 50% of the buildings were destroyed by the waters.

That said, the best guarantee for South Florida property owners is to have flood insurance. We live on water and sometimes we get tricked. The months of August and September are the most likely for these floods to occur.

It doesn’t help to think that we live in an area where the water has never been grown. 25% of flood insurance claims are generated in areas considered safe.

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