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A customer was poisoned, what do I do?

Today’s star products are hand sanitizers and disinfectants. There is no self-respecting business that does not stockpile lots of cleaning supplies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Especially if it is a restaurant. We already know that the New Normality forces the tables to be disinfected every time a client gets up. The waiters, for their part, must be very controlled. It is your obligation to constantly wash and disinfect your hands. Nor can we overlook the degree of hygiene that must be in the kitchens, only comparable to a hospital operating room.

But so much presence of cleaning fluids and disinfectants in such a unique environment increases the probability that we will mistakenly poison food. Or, unintentionally, we put an abrasive liquid that we have acquired as a hand sanitizer into a client’s hands.

In 2018, across the United States, 4,132 people suffered restaurant poisonings. This constitutes 0.2% of people exposed to life-threatening food poisoning, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC).

What to do if we make any of these mistakes?

Well, simply remember that, in our business owner insurance, we have a civil liability policy that will take care of all the claims and demands that we may receive.

The civil liability policy will protect you from bodily injury and damage to the property of others, it has legal expenses coverage and protects your business from losses associated with libel and slander.

Review your homeowner’s insurance package (BOP) and look in it for your liability policy.
If you don’t have it, call Univista Insurance and you’ll get a quote for business insurance tailored to your needs.

Take all measures to avoid accidents and the spread of the virus, but sleep peacefully. If any of your customers is mistakenly intoxicated, your insurance will respond.

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