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Life insurance with living benefits

Life insurance with living benefits: you don’t have to die. From a biological point of view, life is the ability to be born, grow, reproduce, and die. Something that happens the same to animals and plants. However, for philosophers, who always try to find the purpose of things, the meaning of human life, unlike that of other living beings, is closely related to the idea of ​​good. According to them, our actions in this world seek to achieve happiness, love, perfection, or beauty. All of these are manifestations of good.
Like life itself, life insurance is closely related to the idea of ​​good. Its purpose is clear, to provide financial coverage to our loved ones in the event of our death.
There is a question that worries many people: what happens if instead of dying suddenly, I become ill or paralyzed or live for many years after retirement? Will I be a burden to my family?
The answer is no. There is an interesting form of life insurance with living benefits that, in addition to protecting the family members who survive us, create a fund with tax advantages that we can access, upon reaching retirement or in the event of contracting a chronic illness, he criticizes, or terminal.
In summary, life insurance with living benefits, in addition to benefiting our loved ones, we ourselves are protected for our most vulnerable stage.
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