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Protect your company from computer viruses

Seven ways to protect your company from computer viruses or ransomware. Imagine turning on your business computer and a red, audible sign appears on the screen saying that all the information has been blocked: To access it, you must pay a ransom of $ 15,000. How awful!
How do I contact my clients and suppliers? What will happen to all the confidential data? How do I deal with my client’s complaints? Before answering all these questions, it is best to take certain steps to avoid misfortune.
First of all, it is essential to have a backup of all your data. This way you will not care that these can be destroyed nor will you be forced to access the blackmail of cyber pirates.
The second step is knowing how to make this backup. This can be stored in the cloud or use an external disk, which should only be connected to the system while it is being copied. Once finished, you need to unplug it.
A key preventive measure is to avoid opening emails that appear suspicious. There is a trap called phishing that invades computers through emails. Above all, you should not click on the hyperlinks of any unknown emails.
You must take care to keep personal and sensitive information safe. When you visit the different web pages that you need to go to for business, make sure that all the data posted there will be encrypted.
Fifth, protect your system with preventive programs, install antivirus, firewall, and filters. Don’t forget to update them.
If you have employees, train them regularly in cybersecurity.
Lastly, don’t forget to have cybercrime insurance to protect your company from the damage it may suffer associated with information theft. This coverage will protect you against a demand from your clients and, in addition, it is very useful to finance the investigation and the necessary restoration, after the attack or the loss of data. Seven ways to protect your company from computer viruses or ransomware.
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