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I am a handyman, do I need insurance?

I am a handyman, do I need insurance? In times of crisis, the figure of the handyman gains more and more importance. Financially stressed people prefer to repair before throwing it away. Also, with fewer jobs, engaging in the art of minor repairs can be a job solution for many unemployed with the right knowledge and skills.
That is why, the web pages where they offer handyman services proliferate, the same to put a floor, prune the garden, repair a lamp, paint walls, change a toilet or the hoses of a washing machine. These are jobs that a contractor would hardly do, and those who do small maintenance works come as a pearl.
Nobody doubts that we live in the country of opportunities. Many handyman makes real fortunes by fixing and painting. But if someone is doing repairs, they should have the proper license and insurance. In addition to serving to protect the business, vis-à-vis customers, it would be perceived as a responsible person.
At Univista Insurance, you can purchase commercial handyman insurance that protects you from the most common claims in the trade and saves you costly bills, both legal and medical. You would also get protection against property damage and injury to others. I am a handyman, do I need insurance?
If you are a handyman and uninsured, call Univista Insurance and insurance specialists will help you find the policy that provides the most protection and security for your business.

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