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Steps to register a new car

Steps to register a new car. You have finally bought the car you wanted. You are already independent and you can go to your job or to the university independently. You don’t have to call UBER or wait for slow and scarce public transportation. But before you go out to drive, you have to register the car with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, FLHSMV, for its acronym in English. We explain how to do it.
The law says that to register a vehicle you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid Florida driver’s license. Then it is an essential requirement to have auto insurance. That is, contact Univista Insurance and purchase insurance for your car, because when you go to an office authorized by FLHSMV they will request a copy of it that must include the VIN number of the car.
You will also have to bring the vehicle title and if you do not have it you can request it at the authorized FLHSMV office at the same time you do the registration.
If the car was purchased in another state or was purchased new from a dealer it is important that the vehicle has a VIN inspection and an odometer reading. The form for such inspection can be obtained at any FLHSMV office or on the FLHSMV website.
Some offices authorized by FLHSMV -tax offices- can verify the VIN of the vehicle, so can dealerships, police stations, as long as you have the printed form.
Afterward, you’ll have to pay a registration fee of around $ 225, although your car may be subject to sales tax and other fees.
Once the process is finished, you will receive the car’s plate or license plate and a yellow sticker showing the date of your birthday that indicates when you must renew the registration each year. You must stick the sticker in the upper right part of the license plate.
For its part, the car registration document should be carried in the car, either in the glove compartment or in another safe place in case the authorities ask you for it one day. It is a good idea to make a photocopy of it and keep it at home. Steps to register a new car.
Remember, if you bought a car, your first step in registering it is calling Univista Insurance and purchasing insurance.

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