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Surprising myths about teeth

Surprising myths about teeth. Regularly attending the dentist’s office, in addition to preventing oral health problems, serves to receive advice that allows you to clarify the different myths that exist around dental care. We show you some of the most widespread myths among people.

  1. Caries in milk teeth are not important
    It is often thought that the care of milk teeth is not essential for oral health. “Total they are going to fall”. Well, no, below the milk teeth are the permanent or “bone” teeth. If the milk suffers from cavities, which are not taken care of, this can influence the health of the tooth that is to be born.
  2. Sugar is the cause of cavities
    Although the remains of sugar on the teeth feed the bacteria that exist in the mouth and cause them to form plaque on the teeth, to prevent it it is essential to brush several times a day, even if sugar is not consumed.
  3. Teeth fall out with age
    Older people lose the pieces when contracting certain diseases such as periodontitis. By maintaining good hygiene and dental health, you reduce the chance of losing your teeth.
  4. It is normal for the gums to bleed when brushing them
    When the gums bleed it is usually because there is a disease called gingivitis. It is advisable to increase the frequency of brushing or go to a dentist.
  5. Only pain indicates the presence of caries
    There are cavities that do not cause pain, nor are they visible to the naked eye. They can only be discovered during a visit to a dentist.
  6. Baking soda is used to whiten teeth
    Baking soda is abrasive and can damage tooth enamel and cause bothersome tooth sensitivity.
  7. Pregnant women can lose their teeth due to lack of calcium
    The fundamental cause for losing a piece is always lack of hygiene. In the case of pregnant women, hormonal changes could influence. But if they brush well after every meal and visit the dentist, their teeth will be well cared for and healthy.

As you can see, there are many false beliefs about oral health, the sensible thing is to go to the dentist at least twice a year and if you have any problem related to your teeth, consult a specialist.
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