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Tips for your business to survive inflation

Tips for your business to survive inflation. One of the most difficult times to develop a business is during an inflationary period. The rules change, suppliers sell expensive, raw materials are scarce and customers have less money to buy any product. But in this environment, we must continue working, although the media are frightening when they say that inflation is at 8.8%. You have no choice but to turn difficulties into opportunities.

  • Client
    The key to any business is the profitable customer. The customer is the necessary fuel to achieve the goal: profitability. You need to keep your eyes peeled for how to make it easy for customers to access your product without sacrificing profitability. You should use different strategies depending on the business you have. For example, promise to maintain today’s prices throughout the year to customers who pay you in advance. He manages to retain them and anticipate the payment. Try to differentiate the best consumers and retain them. Any strategy in this direction is essential.
  • Prices
    You must be able to raise prices quickly and intelligently. Although it seems counterproductive, this measure may be the only way to survive in these times. Study which of your products you can raise prices on immediately and which ones to do so gradually and cautiously. Remember that maxim that says “what is scarce is more expensive, as well as what is most desired”.
  • Diversification
    Enter in your portfolio those new products that give you higher profits and are more attractive. On the other hand, look for new suppliers that allow you to meet the challenges of supply shortages and provide cheaper raw material. Open your doors to new customers.
  • Increase your inventory
    Anything you can’t buy today will be more expensive tomorrow. Remember that the supply chain in times of inflation is unstable and shortages drive up product prices every second. Create the conditions to increase the storage of your main raw material.
  • Invest wisely
    All the capital you have saved today will be worth less tomorrow. One way to protect it is to make profitable investments. Discuss ideas with your financial advisor.
  • Saving
    Cutting expenses is fundamental in inflation. Eliminate redundant processes and jobs, control bureaucratic and office expenses, eliminate the consumption of unnecessary services.

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