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To be more sure, document the condition of your property

To be more sure, document the condition of your property. Several systems and storms are in formation in the Atlantic sea. Some could pose danger to Florida. A reality that repeats itself year after year. Many homeowners believe that protecting their home from this reality is just having impact windows, armored doors, and new, hurricane-resistant roofs.
Good protection is to take into account the different aspects of your property. Above all, those that allow you to recover, as soon as possible, the dynamics of life, after suffering the impact of a hurricane. If your home is severely damaged, it is likely that your personal property will be affected, as well as the various structures that comprise it.
That is why protecting ourselves is also reading and understanding every detail of the insurance contract. Know what is covered and what is not. After internalizing it, go through the property with a critical eye to write down those points that are not included or that may be a reason for dispute at the time of claiming. In that case, take a photo that can document how that vulnerable or questionable aspect was before the hurricane. Take a picture of the state of the ceilings, the roof, the gates of the house, the windows, and the air conditioning equipment. Take a photo of the trees that could damage the structure, the nearby electrical poles, the condition of your exterior walls, and everything that you consider that could constitute a dispute or consideration for the insurance.
Keep the insurance contract in an accessible place. There are owners who, when making a claim, have doubts as to whether or not this risk was included in their contract. Send all the collected evidence to your own email. They will be there and you can access them when you need them.
These measures will not protect you against the impact of the hurricane, but they will help you get back to normality as quickly as possible, clear up any doubts that the insurer may have, and, of course, obtain the necessary funds to repair the covered damage. Having the condition of your home well documented is also a way to protect your most precious asset against the eternal threat of a hurricane. To be more sure, document the condition of your property.

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