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Storm in sight!

Hanna, the first Atlantic hurricane, made landfall in Texas. Gonzalo dissipated as he approached the arch of the Lesser Antilles. 1,000 miles west of Cape Verde, a low-pressure area is observed that can become a tropical depression. In short, stormy systems begin to form in the seas around Florida as we enter the 2020 hurricane season.

While all this is happening, what have you done with your boat? What plans do you have in the event of a hurricane?

If your boat is towable, remember that if a hurricane threatens, you should take it to a safe area. You must have the vehicle to tow it ready in advance and have enough gasoline. You know the tails that form as soon as a hurricane appears on the radar. You should also anticipate how you will secure your boat, how you will secure it securely with ropes. You should also consider putting chocks on each wheel of the trailer to prevent it from moving. Even deflate the wheels of it if it seems safer.

If the boat is large, you will need to tie it up securely at the marina dock. You should have enough rope to double the ropes both bow and stern and tie them to the high piles to allow them to break with the rising tide. You must install fenders to protect the boat as it will have more friction and chafing against the dock and other ships. Do not forget to charge the batteries to the maximum, since they will be the ones that keep the bilge pumps on during the hurricane, however, you must disconnect the rest of the ship’s devices.

Furthermore, identify in advance all the objects you will remove from your boat. Prepare a list to do it in an orderly way.

We have left for the last the most important thing. You should review your boat insurance. If you do not have it yet, it is time to contact Univista Insurance to recommend the most convenient on the market.

Don’t wait to have the hurricane on your head, anticipate and take steps to protect your assets.

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