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Unbelievable coverages included in your homeowner’s insurance

Unbelievable coverages included in your homeowner’s insurance. There’s a perception that the fine print in an insurance contract hides only the negatives and exclusions, yet it holds crucial details that could benefit you, often unknown. As each contract is unique, let’s delve into the coverages that might be tucked away in a typical policy.
If you have specific coverages, could you dive into the contract or discuss the details with your agent?
Interestingly, a world of potential coverage lies beyond theft, vandalism, fire, hurricane damage, and burst pipes.
Some insurance contracts include identity theft protection. This is substantial as victims might spend days or months trying to restore their credit or reclaim their bank account.
Closely tied to this is credit or debit card protection. If someone steals or misuses your card, you could be reimbursed up to $500. Similarly, if your checks are misused or someone forges your signature, the policy usually doesn’t apply the deductible; you’ll be reimbursed for your losses up to $500. I want you to know that this compensation is independent of any action you take with the card issuer.
Liability coverage comes into play, too. For instance, if your child flies their drone and faces a privacy invasion lawsuit from the neighbor, your homeowner’s insurance might protect you. The same goes if the drone gets stolen.
Protection for belongings away from home. Homeowner’s insurance covers your possessions even if they’re outside your house, like if stolen from a car or a boat. Typically, this coverage’s limit is up to 10% of the total personal property coverage in the contract. Before claiming, please keep in mind that the deductible specified in the agreement applies.
If your vault or headstone in a cemetery gets damaged or stolen, the typical insurance will reimburse you within the contract’s limit.
It also covers damages caused by a meteorite or plane fragment impacting your home.
If you need more clarification about the coverages in your insurance policy, please feel free to chat with a Univista Insurance specialist and satisfy your curiosity about the contract details safeguarding your most significant investment. Unbelievable coverages included in your homeowner’s insurance.

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