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What to do if a tornado destroys my car?

What to do if a tornado destroys my car? Last Friday, at least 100 people lost their lives in the wave of tornadoes that devastated the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and northern Florida. These meteors left a vast swath of destruction in their wake: businesses, houses, and cars were completely destroyed.
What to do if a tornado destroys my car?
If your car is one of those affected and you have a comprehensive-comprehensive policy, you can claim your insurance company for damages caused by the so-called acts of God: tornadoes, hurricanes, felling of trees, or hail.
After the disaster, we recommend that you file a claim immediately. Remember that there will be many people in the area in the same situation. Typically, the company sends an adjuster to process the claim, assess the damage suffered, and issue the appropriate payment.
If the destruction is very severe, the company may declare the car a total loss. This means that the insurer will prefer to pay the current ACV value of the car, rather than repair it. In other words, they will write you a check for the value of your vehicle before the tornado damaged it. From that amount, the deductible set in the contract will be deducted.
If the policy contemplates it, during the repair, the company could leave you a replacement vehicle so that this inconvenience does not immobilize you.
Everything would be totally different if you lacked comprehensive coverage -comprehensive-, then, the repair would have to be paid for by you and, if needed, get your money for a replacement car. What to do if a tornado destroys my car?
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