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When do I need a 4 point inspection?

When do I need a 4 point inspection? Among the different requirements that a buyer needs to meet when acquiring a property is the so-called four-point inspection or 4 points inspection, whose purpose is to examine the four main systems of the house: electricity, roof, pipes, and ventilation.
Through this inspection, insurance companies can better understand the home they are going to insure and the potential problems that may arise.
Most commonly, insurers require a 4-point inspection of all properties more than 10 years old. The inspector will evaluate the condition of each system, approving or disapproving of them, will also recommend if something should be replaced or repaired.
She will check the wiring type and condition, observe how the air conditioning unit works if there are any leaks or any signs of damage. She will check the pipes for PVC or leaks. It will also take into account the material from which the roof was made and its condition. Companies generally do not insure tile roofs that are older than 20 years.
If you are buying a property and it does not pass the four-point inspection, this may be a reason for the transaction to be blocked. To solve it, you can negotiate with the seller and have him repair the damages indicated in the inspection. Another possible way out is for you to convince the insurer that you will repair existing damage within the first two months after purchase, or you can also choose to take on the difficult task of looking for an insurer that does not require a four-point inspection.
You should not confuse this inspection with the Wind Mitigation inspection, which is designed to find the resistance of your home to a potential storm, or with the home buyer’s inspection to know for sure what you are buying. When do I need a 4 point inspection?
If you are buying a property, it is a good idea to involve the insurance agent during the buying process. This will avoid possible blockages of the closing process due to some insurance requirements.

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