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Why do you pay less insurance than me?

Why do you pay less insurance than me? A good businessman does everything possible to save money. Understanding the destination of every penny he spends is a healthy obsession of successful entrepreneurs.
This is the case of these two trucker friends who share every experience of their respective businesses. So much so that their trucks are the same model and they always look for ways to adjust costs to the maximum.
However, one concerned tells the other. “We have the same experience, the same age, and our trucks are similar. We’ve never had an accident and, despite everything, you pay almost 10,000 dollars less than me for insurance. You’re hiding the ball from me.”
The other colleague swears to him and perjures him no. He didn’t know why his premium was cheaper. “But please, don’t go to the insurer, lest it be a mistake and they raise my insurance because of you,” he made her promise.
The first friend couldn’t take it anymore and asked his agent “what’s going on?” The agent, by comparing the contracts, which were effectively practically identical, found the cause of the disparity.
The surprise was enormous when the agent informed him: “Sir, the reason is that the yard where you park your truck does not have a very good reputation. It is in a very conflictive area and we have many demands. If you take your truck to a safer yard, guarded 24 hours a day, has agents and security cameras and generates fewer claims, your insurance premium will go down.”
Indeed, when our friend got a parking contract elsewhere and sent it to the insurer, the change was immediately reflected in the policy.
“I knew I was doing something wrong,” he says happily to his friend. “But I didn’t hide anything from you,” replies the other. “You chose that yard because it was closer to your house, and look what happened to you.”
If you want to lower your truck insurance, contact a Univista Insurance specialist. Not all details come out in conversations between friends. Why do you pay less insurance than me?

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