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You are the fortune of your family, you may not know it

Having insurance guarantees us in advance the solution of future problems. However, the world of insurance is very broad and, with so much on offer, it is necessary to choose the most important policies, the ones that best suit the moment we are living. If we bought all the insurances that exist, we would have to work only to pay for them. And more than the solution, they would become the real problem.

Furthermore, we should aim to be able to meet future needs without relying on an insurance policy. Something that can be achieved if we build significant assets, whether it’s saving money, creating a very prosperous company, or investing in property.

But while that happens, the smart thing is to have insurance that protects our family. I am referring to term life insurance that, for very little money, can cover us on the way to financial freedom. And if the worst were to happen to us on the journey, our loved ones would receive a significant sum of money.

This reality inspired the following humorous scene: A grandson asks his grandfather. Hey, Grandpa, what if you don’t have life insurance? The grandfather responds: because I wish that on the day of my death everyone is sad.

Call Univista Insurance and ask about the different types of life insurance. Unless you also prefer that everyone be truly sad on the day of your death.

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