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You can learn from Jose’s experience

You can learn from Jose’s experience. Jose, a Latino driver in Florida, used to call himself the King of the Road. With music blaring and competing with fellow motorists on his way to victory, driving was an extreme sport for him.
One day, while belting out his favorite song, José encountered another equally extravagant driver, and what happened next is cause for concern.
Picture José and his newfound road buddy, both racing to be the first at a traffic light about to turn red. Each floored the accelerator, like two Formula 1 racers, not realizing they were about to make history. Suddenly, the other driver’s car collided with José’s, and both ended up in one of Florida’s numerous bodies of water. The two drivers emerged from their partially submerged cars and rushed to reach the shore, soaking wet while keeping an eye out for alligators.
José emerged from the water shouting, “You hit me; you’re to blame.” Despite the spectacle, what astounded José the most was discovering that he lived in a No-Fault State; hence, neither driver would shoulder the responsibility for the accident.
A No-Fault State means that in the event of an accident, each driver must turn to their insurance, regardless of who caused the collision. This reality made José realize the importance of driving cautiously and defensively, which means being attentive, anticipating hazardous situations, and taking measures to prevent accidents.
The need for defensive driving in Florida makes even more sense when considering the diversity of drivers and the mix of residents and tourists from various places. This road mix can be complex, requiring patience and respect for others.
In addition to defensive driving, having the right insurance is crucial. In a No-Fault State, having comprehensive insurance can provide the necessary coverage in a case like this.
The moral of José’s accident should be that “choosing safety over speed is the wiser option.” By the way, José’s insurance premium skyrocketed after his historic dive. You can learn from Jose’s experience.

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