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Auto insurance: minimum protection in Florida?

Auto insurance: how does the minimum protection work in Florida? We live in a state of no guilt. By law, in order to drive a vehicle in Florida you must have, at a minimum, a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and a Third Party Property Damage Liability (PDL) policy ), each for at least $10,000 of coverage.
Because Florida is a no-fault state, in the event of an accident you don’t have to argue with the other driver to see who is at fault. Each driver is responsible for the physical damages and medical expenses of the people who come in their own vehicle. In other words, if Pepe goes to the beach with his wife and son and, while stopped at the traffic light waiting for the green light, a car hits him from behind, Pepe’s coverage is responsible for 80% of Pepe’s medical bills. him and his family, despite not being the culprit.
However, the at-fault driver’s insurance must take care of the damage caused to Pepe’s vehicle, which is why it is mandatory to have coverage for damage to third-party property, PDL.
Anyway, in case of an accident, you don’t have to go out like a wild beast to see who is guilty. Instead, look out for your passengers, see if they’re okay, get to a safe place, and call 911. If possible, get information from the other driver. Wait for the authorities to arrive to have a police report and notify your insurer.
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